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A Grandog's View

Even if you aren't a dog lover, I think you can appreciate this photo. Dogs want to be with you, seek your attention, greet you as though you have been gone for weeks, even if you just popped out to the shops for ten minutes. They admire you, no matter how you look or feel. They trot along beside you, tail up high, wanting to show you off to the neighbours. However, one of their most lovable traits is their sense of adventure and their desire to seek out new experiences. My grandog, here, is just dying to be off over that fence to explore. Okay, maybe we don't need to follow in all his footsteps. There is, after all, no need to scratch the back of your ear with your back leg. However, I hope I never lose my inquisitiveness and desire to find new places, rippling streams, sunkissed mountains, glorious skies or thought provoking stories.



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