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Have you noticed how people have recently begun to start their sentences with 'So'? If you ask them a question concerning just about anything they will launch into, 'So, it had been raining all day...So, he rang me and ... So, I told my boss... So,we need to be there on time'. Not that these are the continuation of a sentence or a thought, but rather the commencement. So, I'm going to do it too! So, my novel, 'A Dream to Spare', is out on Amazon (Kindle, 99p). So, I'd love you to buy it and then,even better, be delighted if you left a review. The Dutch use the word differently. As far as I can see, they say 'So!' in response to something surprising, shocking, amazing or impressive and then you are left to imagine the strength of the accompanying exclamation mark. I've put my book on Amazon for 99p. So!

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