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Lout from the South - A Headline Writer's Dream

We've been hearing all week about the beast from the East. Now, we are awaiting a storm, perhaps a lout from the South. Who knows what pest from the West might follow and how will we decide what to call any icy blast that may come from the North? I love a good headline, you know, 'Brrr! Britain Freezes in Sub Zero Temperatures' or 'Snow Joke'. I am trying to think what I would use to cover the front page of my newspaper. I am also keeping warm whilst pondering why we always have to see the one tv news reporter on a motorway bridge holding some snow to demonstrate to us what it is and another is required to visit a gritting station. Do they want to distract us from Brexit (did you see what they did there? Britain's Exit -amazing) or from Russia's invincible new missile? Headline writer's dream if you ask me - Shootin' Putin.

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